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Departure points and times


From Spring until the end of Summer we are based on Agistri. All tours depart from our launch point on the Milos-Skala beach road. This is located at about the half way point along the coastal road between the two main towns, right at the T junction where a small street links the main coastal road with the inshore Milos-Skala road.

Day trips and half day tours typically start at 10am

Sunset tours start between 5pm and 6pm depending at which stage of the season we are at.


For all our Aegina tours and coaching events, meet up points depend on the event planned and client needs. Our launch point for tours is the area of Perdika, 11km from the port of Aegina.

Start times vary depending on event.


Day trips – 70 euros

Half day and sunset tours – 50 euros

Agistri circumnavigation – 90 euros

Overnight – 150 euros


What is included

All equipment including waterproof bags for your beach towels, masks and snorkels, and an underwater camera to be shared between the group. All drinking water is provided by us. We also provide fruit, sweet and savoury snacks on our shorter trips and a picnic lunch on the Agistri circumnavigation tour.

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